Pusher Love Girl (Justin Timberlake) Remix

by hydroponikz

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Got busy on 4/20. Who says we're unmotivated? =)

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Not really the type to push her
To put her lips up on that kush herb
She says it might kill the vibe
But this time she's the push-er
Suit & Tie
Undo the fly
I be on my super high shit
All I really want is you babe
And a little purple like ube
Since back in them old high school days
Put your number on this loose leaf
She fine baby that's my dame
And we grinding, and no mind games
But my mind's hazy you down to roll?
Never too high to roll, that's why i'm hy-da-ro
You my

Is this a love song? Or a weed song?
Girl it's an I love we song
I love you and you love me song
So lets get in the back of your Nissan
Since them old school beats I speak on
Girl when you gonna give me some?
She my Codeine, OG, DMT
And all of that's always in season
I don't really know what you used to
Boy you better tell all that truth to her
Fore I give her that ego booster
And you can watch yo girl get scoop'd up
On the bottom like kief
Got a little vape for my lady
Molly and Mary fightin over me,
But I only fiend for you baby


released April 20, 2013
Original song by Justin Timberlake and Timbaland




hydroponikz New York

Ryan “Hydroponikz” aims to inspire everyone in his path with quality instrumentation and conversation. Although his style is deeply rooted in the '90s golden age of hip-hop, he aims to break down barriers of genre, style, location, race, religion, and sex, allowing creativity to spill out of it's confining boxes and mix together to promote unity on our diverse streets. ... more

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